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2015 Semester 2 -- Kidblog Link

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Announcements and Reminders:  Friday was the last day to hand in late or revised work for Term 3, unless you do it quickly and talk me into taking it!.

The term ends on Friday, March 20.

Reminder of assignments that are due: On your Kidblog write a very short story.   We will use a plot map, work on creating  great characters and clear settings, using a variety of sentences, using figurative language, and choosing exact words.   Tell your story in what would equal one to two single-spaced pages.   Publish it even if you are not finished.

If you haven't yet written a limerick on Google Drive, do that as soon as you can.  Make sure you follow the pattern provided.   Limericks 2015.doc

Pick up your valentines to take with you.

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Dear John

In your notebook, list every punctuation mark you can think of, and what it does.


The History of a Few Punctuation Marks with thanks to Nancie Atwell.
   -- Quotations marks were originally lip-shaped marks to show that someone else was speaking.

  -- The exclamation mark started out as the word "Io" which like saying "Wow!"  It was shortened to Io, then to an I with a dot behind it, then the dot was moved under the I and that evolved to our current mark !
 -- The period came from "peri" which meant round and when the writer had finished writing a sentence he had completely gone around what he was trying to express.  It was written as a circle, which became the dot we use now.
-- The comma comes from "komma" which means "little knife/to cut off" so the symbol was of a little knife, and evolved into our comma (,).  This teacher is also using info from Nancie Atwell:    

Create new punctuation!  

Punctuation Marks We Should Be Using

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