Composition Book:  

Set it up using the handout.    Setting Up Your Composition Book.docx

Creativity Collage includes   About Me - Collage.doc
a collage
2 bio poems
3 out of ten possible short writing assignments


January 17:  Oreo

January 19:   Book Cover and Butterfinger Bar

January 23:   Bat Picture 

January 25:  Moon Child and  Ice Castles

January 27:  small Harry Potter figure and Mario

January 30:  necklace and Harry Potter book

January 19

January 23

January 27
Scribble Prompts:  Harry Potter and Mario

Scribble Prompts for January 30:

Scribble Prompts for February 2: 

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Create Zombie poetry and publish it in a post on your Kidblog.

Child's book -- interview a first grader and create a book for that child based on his or her interests.  

Download by clicking on this link, then click on the tab for Download.
Grading for Children's book 2(2).doc  

Story Based on Me-Bag Notes. -- Create, print, hand-in, and share in class.

Favorite Words Post  -- Title a post something like "My Favorite Words."  Collect a bunch of your favorite words there.  They could be favorites because of the way they sound or for some other reason.

If I Were in Charge of the World Poem -- 

If I Were In Charge

Write about your own writing process and post it on Kidblog.  Your Writing Process

This is the link to our Kidblog.
Select your name from the drop-down list. Your password is your student number.
Once you have logged in, find your own blog by scrolling down the right hand side to find your name.
To post, look for the "New Post" tab near the top of the page.
After you write, PUBLISH it.  You can go back and add, revise, and edit more later.

You can change your avatar, but just don't use too large a file. 

You can also open this link for the instructions:
See the instructions here: Your Writing Process
or read them on the Kidblog:
On Kidblog, look for the post titled "Write about Your Writing Process — and Publish It"

and see my sample here:  Ms. Dorsey's Writing Process

Me-Bag Assignment

Scribble: Each student has signed up for a day to provide the prompt for our Scribble.  See the calendar below for who has signed up for each day.