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2015 Semester 2 -- Kidblog Link

Announcements and Reminders:  This Friday is the last day to hand in late or revised work for Term 3. 
The term ends on Friday, March 20.

Scribble:  Ellie P.  -- Picture Prompt  

Next time: Bridger F. 

Just in case:

Number 1-12 spin:


Using commas to separate a noun of direct address from the rest of the sentence.  

Reminder of Plot:

More on Characters:

Take Notes Ms. Dorsey's notes on Archetypal Characters based on a 

presentation by Annette Lyon (local author and good friend of 

James Dashner - Maze Runner): 

The Writer’s Journey is a book that explains common types of characters and plots.


Hero – audience identification -- someone we can relate to on some level
if Malfoy were our main character, would we sympathize with him
growth, change –
action --
character flaw – biggest weakness (could be fear,
sacrifice -- (example, Harry willing to die for the greater good)

Mentor – often a wise old man or woman
(Dumbledore and Hagrid)
gift-giving (light-sabre) --
motivating hero – quelling fear, kick in the pants, etc
can turn out to be a villain shape-shifter

Threshold Guardian
testing the Hero
(Dursley letters, purpose – to test the hero)

issues the challenge
announce a coming change, that all is not well
provides motivation to Hero
person or object

Shape-shifter --
not what he or she appears to be (Snape?)
“Real” self-revealed can force change
good or evil, can be any character

the villain
tests the hero’s true abilities
forces Hero to rise to the challenge
often appear beautiful, elegant, or good (Shapeshifter)


balances out the drama with a little laughter
brings things into perspective


Take notes on a podcast, looking a these characters in a different way.
You can listen to the audio at the end of the page.  Begin at minute 1:55.   This is about 10 minutes long.

Be prepared to identify 4 or 5 characters from a well-known story,  book, movie, or television show.

  1. Protagonist
  2. Antagonist
  3. Sidekick
  4. Skeptic
  5. Guardian (Mentor)
  6. Contagonist
  7. Reason
  8. Emotion
     8 1/2. Love Interest

Want to learn more?  

Here is another way of looking at archetypes through TV characters:

To find Ms. Lyon's books, click on this link.

Computer Lab 223?   Hand in your sentence variety graphs. 

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