Schedule and Ideas for Scribbles

Scribble Schedule:
February 6:  Hadlee T and Camille A
February 16: Jill G and Ellie W
February 21: Kadence P and Sydnie B
February 27:  Coleman and Malyssa M
March 1: Joe B. and Remlee N
March 3:  Brynn M  and Hillary H
March 6:   Kyle F and Adriana D. (No school, so moved to March 8)
March 8  Ava N and Melissa J
March 10: Bridger J and Emma B and Austin G and Canon C.
March 14:   Amitee R  and Megan B  and Emma B  and Melissa
March 16:  Andy B and Alexis C and Ashley and Amitee and Melissa

Here is a link to  Ideas for Scribble Prompts.

There are all sorts of photos and other illustrations
that would make great Scribble Prompts.

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Tristan Dale said...

Try something new, this is your scribble so make it your own!