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2015 Semester 2 -- Kidblog Link

Announcements and Reminders:  This Friday is the last day to hand in late or revised work for Term 3. 
The term ends on Friday, March 20.

Reminder of assignments that are due: On your Kidblog write a very short story.   We will use a plot map, work on creating  great characters and clear settings, using a variety of sentences, using figurative language, and choosing exact words.   Tell your story in what would equal one to two single-spaced pages.   Publish it even if you are not finished.

If you haven't yet written a limerick on Google Drive, do that as soon as you can.  Make sure you follow the pattern provided.   Limericks 2015.doc

Scribble: Bridger F.

Write about your favorite color and how it makes you feel.

Next time:  Meghan H.

What to do with numbers --

  • Be consistent. 
  • I tend to go with the Chicago Style Manual:
    • Write out in words numbers one through ninety-nine, or . . . better yet. . . . 
    • Write out numbers that you can write using one or two words.  If it takes three or more,  use the numerals.
  • Always write out in words a number that begins a sentence.  If that is too awkward, move the number to the middle or end of the sentence. 
  • Hyphenate compound numbers twenty-one through ninety-nine and written-out fractions. 
  • With four or more digits, use commas.

Figurative Language
A definition of figurative language is when you describe something by comparing it with something else.

Metaphor -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Use striking language!
  • Use exact language!  (specific instead of general)
    • lively verbs
    • precise nouns
    • accurate modifiers
  • Use natural language!
    • Make it sound authentic.
  • Use beautiful language!

Lab -- We spent about a half an hour in lab 223.

Check your choice of words, and add -- if it will help your story -- effective figurative language.

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