Friday, May 19, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Hand in your unused hall passes today or next time. 

Take your composition books home next time.  

May 25 is yearbook day.

  • You will spend about a half-hour each in all eight classes. 
  • J-Dawgs will be available to buy for lunch. 
  • You may want to think ahead about how you will sign yearbooks.  
  • Bring a good pen for signing. 
  • Don't write anything you will regret later. 

Hints for yearbook signing: .

Targets for Today:

I can write a variety of things.
I can revise, edit, and polish my work.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Scribble:  Title it "Summer Camp."  Imagine your own ideal summer camp. It could be based in reality or fantasy.  Tell about, either as a story, a letter home from camp, or as an advertisement for it with enough text to let the reader know exactly what it offers.   
Where will it take place? How long will you be there? Is it focused on a certain theme or skill?  What will the campers do there?  

Lab 202 -

  • Select the three best items you have worked on in Google Docs (excluding the child's book).  Finish (if needed), carefully revise, and print them by the end of class. 
  • Turn them in.
  • Make sure your name is on each. 

If you have extra time, continue to work on any of these. 
a tall tale
monologue by the "bad guy"
a skit about an escape 
continue from story starters 

If You Were Absent:


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