Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dialogue Rabbit and Hare

from The Rabbit and the Hare by Chris Crowe

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom in a faraway land, Rabbit and Hare stood on a dusty and faraway road, arguing about traveling to a faraway finish line.

“Let’s race,” challenged Rabbit.
“In your face,” flared Hare.
“Let’s run!” exclaimed Rabbit.
“No fun,” responded Hare.
“Let’s trot,” entreated Rabbit.
“Let’s not,” hissed Hare.
“Let’s dash,” spoke Rabbit.
“No cash,” complained hare.
“Let’s sprint,” suggested Rabbit.
“Take a hint,” snapped Hare.
“Let’s jog,” joked Rabbit.
“You’re a frog,” insulted Hare.
“Let’s gait,” implored Rabbit.
“Too late,” ignored Hare.
“Let’s canter,” offered Rabbit.
“Stop the banter,” reviled Hare.
“Let’s bolt,” invited Rabbit.
“You’re a dolt,” confuted Hare.. . .
“Let’s gallop,” petitioned Rabbit.
“How about a wallop?” rebuffed Hare.
“Let’s bound,” vocalized Rabbit.
“You’re unsound,” snarled Hare.
“Let’s speed,” dared Rabbit.
“No need,” declared Hare.
“Let’s streak,” enjoined Rabbit.

“You’re a freak,” contended Hare.

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