Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:

March 28 -- Fieldtrip to Interview
March 30 -- Begin Storyboards
April 10 -- Storyboards due -- Ms. Dorsey will check them.  
April 12 -- Lab to work on creating books
April 14 -- Lab to work on creating books
April 18  --Lab to work on creating books
Share your document with Ms. Dorsey.
Mrs. Hansen will print them in color. 
They will be bound. 
Let me know if you wish to do yours in a different way.
_________ -- Share books in class. 
_________  -- Deliver books to First Graders

If your name is in this list, I need to correct your composition book. 
Leave it in the top wire basket.

Targets for Today:

 I can write an effective,  brief personal narrative. 
 I can prepare for the book-for-a-first-grader project.

Today’s  Agenda:

Scribble:    Get started on this as soon as you sit down. 

1. Start thinking about a part of your spring break that you would like to write about. 

2. Read  the examples "The Redwoods" and "Mouse Alert."

Which one is better? Why?

3. Write a short narrative about something that you did over Spring Break.
Focus on a brief period of time. 

Do you have your storyboard paper, your rubric, and your interview paper? 

4. Finish story board and 
5. write out the text on lined paper. 
6. Revise and Edit.

(If you have extra time, write your About the Author.)

We will go to a computer lab next time. 

 Creating Good Quality Books
Tips and Techniques for Books: 

Google Docs 
Share with Ms. Dorsey to have them printed. 

text and fonts (for first graders) 

Using Images 
   image search 
   types of images to use and avoid 

combination of images or cut-outs with hand-drawn

About the Author   About the "About the Author"

Steps in Writing 
Plan (Prewriting)
Edit carefully 

What are revision and editing, you ask, and why should I need to do it for a child's book?  
Ask ____________________________________________________

I will take photos when we interview and when we deliver the books. 
You could use the photos from the interview with your "About the Author."

Storyboarding -- Outline your story --

If You Were Absent:

See above.  Complete the scribble, and work on creating a storyboard for your children's book story.
Storyboard for Child’s Book by.docx


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