Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
 Happy February!   

Parent-Teacher Conferences -- Next Thursday, February 9 from 3:30-8:00.

The rest of your Creativity Collage is due by February 6 -- Monday. 

Targets for Today:

 Write, write, write!  
 Pick a poet for Survivor of the Poets

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Scribbles for Today:   Harley T.  and Adriana D.

     My mother thinks I'm dead.  Obviously I'm not dead, but it's safer for her to think so.  At least twice a month I see my wanted poster flashed on the jumbotrons scattered through downtown Los Angeles.  It looks out of place there.  Most of the pictures on the screen are happy things.  Smiling children standing under a blue sky,  tourists posing before the Golden Gate ruins, Republic commercials in neon colors. 

Scribbles Next time:   February 6 -- Hadlee T and Camille A

2. Finish up  your collage of creativity. Share them with the teacher on a Google Doc.  They are due February 6.   Creativity Collage Assignment
When you finish those, ask for the list of poets for the Survivor of the Poets activity.  You may start looking them up to decide which one you would like to represent. 

You need at least 4 poems from your poet because you will present/represent them in class as a small group or three or four.  

If You Were Absent:
See Above. 


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