Friday, April 24, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1. Scribble:  Writing about an Object -- Today we wrote about the huge "pencil."

To answer each question, you will write for three minutes.

1. Describe it.

2. What is it used for? (and who would use it?)

3.  What are its parts?

4.  What is it similar to?

5.  What can it cause?

6.  How has the item changed in any way?

Here is a link to  Ideas for Scribble Prompts.

2.  Walk and Write.

You should be
o quietly walking ,
o stopping at assigned spots, 
o writing for five minutes – no talking (have someone from your group time you) ,
o then quietly sharing what you have written (all share, all respond to each sharing only with “Thank you.”
o Then you should move on.
Write in your composition book.

You  will visit these places -- each group in  a different order:
  Near the Gyms  (your choice of one of those areas)
   Near the music rooms (your choice of one of those areas)
   In or near the lunchroom

  Near the CTE rooms (your choice of one of those areas)

If you behave well, we will do this again.

Your picture prompt for today:

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