Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1. Scribble:  Lexi S. (absent), so select one of the prompts on that list of "Creative Writing Prompts About Me."

Next Time:  Hannah S.
On the 20th:  Chloe E.

2. Some Love That Dog -- See poems below.
To page 10.  The students wrote poems that were "Inspired By" Blake's "Tyger."

3. Computer Lab to work on your child's book:  Lab 223 today.

Next time and Monday we will to lab 211.
Plan to finish up on Monday and have your book ready to send down the office to be printed in color.


Poems for Love That Dog:

The Disruptive Students
by Ms. Dorsey (Inspired by William Blake)

Students, students
talking on
Even though the bell has rung
Who can hear you? Everyone! 
So teacher will cut short your fun.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

More Love That Dog and poetry
  1. The Red Wheelbarrow
  2. Stopping By Woods (1 Stanza)
  3. The Tiger (2 or more lines) 
  4. Read both The Tiger and The Lamb
  5. Dog by Valerie Worth 
  6. The Pasture by Robert Frost 
  7. Street Music by Arnolf Adoff   

    Street Music” by Arnold Adoff - GallagherLanguageArts

    8.  The Apple   Page back to see more visual poetry. 

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