Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Check the seating chart today for your assigned seat.

Were you able to bring a composition book?  If not, bring one as soon as you can. Use a piece of lined paper cut to fit into your composition book.

Your disclosure documents are due by. . . . January 27.                     

Targets for Today:

Write a variety of things!
Share my interests through a "creativity collage."

Today’s  Agenda:

Scribbles: Rachel Lefler and Adelein Aaron

Next time: Brady Pryor and Christina McMurray

Appointment Clocks

Making Appointments   
  1.  On one of the last pages of your notebook, draw a big clock face with just the numbers -- no hands.   It should fill  a whole page.
  2. Move around the classroom to make "appointments" with other students. 
    • Find one other student and pick a time on the clock face.  
    • Near that number on the clock face, you will write your name on his or her clock and he or she will write his or her name on your clock. 
    • Move on to another student and do the same thing with him or her.   
    • Keep making appointments until all numbers have been used.   For each number on the clock you will have an "appointment"  with  one other student.

Put together Collages.  They are due today.

Some time in Lab 202 -- finishing collages and, if time, beginning bio-poems.    About Me - Collage.doc

If You Were Absent:

 About Me - Collage.doc


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