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Announcements and Reminders:
  • Your collage (pictures, illustrations, etc.) were already due (homework). If it is not ready, bring it as soon as you can. Please print your own. 
  • Your bio-poems were due by the end of class time before time before last. Share them with me on Google Drive. Allow editing. If you've already sent yours, look for comments on your document. Revise and edit.
  • You should be working on your other three pieces for your Creativity Collage collection. Watch for comments. Revise and edit.
  • Don't forget to be looking for your poem to share for our Poetry and Chocolate Day on February 12. 


Scribble:   Hailey W.  

     Lush green forests
     rippling like an endless ocean
     as the sun hangs suspended
     in a sky of light blue hues
     shining upon this seething mass
                   of trees

More of Hailey's Poem

 Next Time:  McKell P. 

Picture Prompt (if needed)

More about it:

Poem of the Day:   Poems from Hormone Jungle: Coming of Age in Middle School by Brod Bagert

Reading About Writing --  Chapter 5 "Getting Into It" -- about writing beginnings

               Gail Carson Levine  
  Her  Prompt:  
Write about a competition.
1. Begin where the competition begins.
2.  Begin when the main character finds out there will be a competition.
3.  Begin as the main character is getting ready for the competition.

Types of competitions:
Monopoly or Life
science fair
county fair entries
spelling bee
swim meet
writing contest
wrestling match
audition for American Idol
soccer tournament
snail race
video game contest
snails riding turtles
Spartan Race
Dirty Dash

Many of the students looked for poems in books, 

preparing for February 12. 

Poetry and Chocolate (and other treats, if you wish)
I'll supply hot chocolate.
Bring other treats you'd like to share. 


Other Poems:  

The Poems in MY Pocket Today

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